A Man’s Guide to Dating Asian Girls in San Diego

Are you looking forward to dating an Asian escort in San Diego and not sure where to start? Well, dating an Asian escort in San Diego has become a rite of passage for all men especially the white and black men in San Diego. Asian girls are not the typical girl you’re used to all the time in your hometown. Men have been known to go for unique things over the years. Dating an Asian girl in San Diego is your best chance to meet a unique breed of a woman that you’ve never experienced before. The best thing with dating an San Diego Asian escort is that there are no strings attached and you will leave after having all the fun. You can expect nothing but the very best from her.

Step one: Finding the right Asian girl

The first step is finding your ideal Asian girl to date. This is where most men fail as they are never sure where to start looking for Asian escort girls. My advice is to check the most reputable escort agencies in San Diego as they all have Asian girls. Once on their site, you still have to decide on the right girl who fits the experience you seek. You can do this by reading their profiles and getting as much information as you can.

Make a call to the escort agency, pay the agency fee and the girl is yours. The agency will send her to your room but then here is where the dating starts as you must know how to impress her to get the best from her.

Step two: The first date

When the girls enters your room, try and make a nice comment about her looks, dress, watch, phone or anything that stands out. Asian women love men who see the great things in them and will be interested from the word go.

You can offer a drink as you decide on where to take her. It really doesn’t matter where you take her as long as you keep the conversation going. For an Asian girl, it is better to stick to the following topics, fashion, food and making fun of other Asian.

Step three: Understand her roots

By now things will be getting a little bit serious. It is important to know where your escort comes from as they all look the same in the different Asian countries. Pretend to want to know more about their culture and she will think you’re greatly interested in her. This makes her open up to you and tell you more about her. In the end, she will fall for you.

Step four: Lock it down

By now, you already know all her dirty secrets and she is more than willing to spend time with you. She is properly a little bit drunk and opening up everything to you. It is time to take her to your room. The rest from there is yours to decide. If you’ve come this far, you can’t miss getting the best from her at this point.

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